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Maintain Monsoon Hygiene and Eat Healthy This Season

Monsoon in India

India’s monsoon and Indian people have a love-hate relationship between them. Come monsoon, all people want to do is engage in a frisky spirit, getting soaked up in rain and splashing the muddy water during a heavy downpour. However, it is also during this season that bacterial, viral and air-borne ailments are most likely to give you a bad time. Hence, take care of your immune system and your diet to get the most out of this beloved season.

Maintain what you eat

Fruits and vegetables

It is highly recommended to include seasonal fruits and veggies now, but be careful on the worm infestations in leafy and green vegetables which occur abundantly during this season. Also, dry nuts, seeds and fruits should not be ignored, too. Lastly, make sure to intake tulsi and neem that contain high anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Maintain personal hygiene

Maintain personal hygiene

Among the major hygienic maintenance’s that you should include in your routine are trimming nails often, avoiding roadside food items cooked in nasty frying oils and washing your hands regularly and thoroughly. Switch to bottled mineral or house water when outdoors, as water-borne ailments thrive in this season. Also, carry a handkerchief or tissues everywhere you go, as you might want to avoid sneezing or coughing into your hands.

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