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Remember That There Are Side Effects When You Go for Psychotherapy

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People recognise and acknowledge the side effects and worsening symptoms when on psychiatric drugs, however, it is often not realized that psychotherapy could leave a person feeling worse than before proving that therapy,too, has side effects. Not much is known about this, but a study suggests that five to ten percent of the people undergoing therapy experience a worsening of their condition.

Is therapeutic harm real?

Is therapeutic harm real

According to research, therapeutic harm is not very clear. Scientists say that the deterioration of a symptom may have happened anyway but then again it is also true that the symptom would have needed no therapy in the first place to reduce its impact. However, all psychologists are in unison regarding the adverse effects of therapy and how they are a real risk to themental and physical health of the patient.

How common are the side effects of therapy?

side effects of therapy

The British Journal of Psychiatry has stated that when questioned people, 1 in 20 of thousands of the participants had admitted to experiencing adverse effects of psychotherapy. Mike Crawford and his colleagues got results from 14,270 of the participants and 763 out of them agreed to a strong or light lasting bad effect of therapy.

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