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Out of ROFLOL Memes? Here are 8 Random things which are Actually Funny!


There’s nothing funnier than random things which are funny simply because they’re random.Wait what?!

Just read on.

  1. The First Man to Pee on the Moon! –

Never thought of this, did you? Yeah, Armstrong will always be the first to step on it. Russians will always dispute it though. But as for Buzz Aldrin, there’s no confusion of him being the first human being ever to just let it rip on the moon!

  1. One More Cup of Coffee or Else..!

Arabs do have an interesting take on married life. Let alone the flogging or similar other curious martial T&C, if you thought it’s all about the men you’re wrong. Here’s a DIY. Woo and marry a rich Arab guy, ask him to brew up a cuppa. If he says no, you can officially claim a divorce, ‘Officially’!

  1. So you Think you can Dance? Till you Die? –

And this is just what the humble residents of Strasbourg allegedly did back in 1518. Known since as the Dance Plague, it swept through the town affecting hundreds.Symptoms? All of them kept on dancing for a month or so. Some even died!

  1. Na’vis did exist to some extent! –

‘Mah Jake!’ – Avatar is as beautiful a movie imploring the imagination to imagine along with a strong message. James Cameron was always a real dreamer. But perhaps his fancy did have a source closer to reality than you think! Meet the Fulgates of Troublesome Creek, Kentucky – a lost family allegedly with a blue skin tone. A rare outcome of inbreeding and a genetic condition known as methemoglobinemia, they did live for quite a few generations. They didn’t have tails though.

  1. Blame it on the Ancient Egyptians and not the Lannisters –

If you think Cersei and Jamie shared a bit too much than what siblings ought to, think again. Dial back a few years, all the way to the time of Pharaohs. You must’ve heard of Cleopatra, the Greek Damewho was ruling Egypt. The thing is, her husband was Ptolemy XIII who was her cousin, her own cousin!

  1. A Whole new Level of Being Horny –

The average female human has an orgasm lasting a couple of seconds. There are 2 types of orgasms though. While the short one lasts for about 3 seconds, longer ones last for 20 seconds or so. That’s nothing in comparison to pigs. Lady pigs have monster orgasms which can last for as long as 30 minutes! You read that right, 30 minutes. When was the last you did the deed for 30 minutes?

  1. Giethoorn! –

In case you’re wondering what this is, it’s just a village. But it’s not just any village. Giethoorn is a Dutch village which has no roads. It has farms, barns, livestock pens but no roads. But instead of roads, it has something better. Canals!What’s so randomly funny about this?

  1. All Hail the mighty Ostrich! –

For everyone still living with the notion that ostriches dig their heads into the sand when they’re afraid, don’t! Instead, you guys really should start giving them some due respect. Ostriches can, actually can run faster than an average horse. What’s more, male ostriches can emit a sound much like a lion’s roar. So, next time you’re up in Australia dropping by an ostrich farm, give them their due respect.

For more random funny facts, stay tuned!