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Warning sign -Funny things which you Don’t Want To Do to make your first impression the last impression!

Warning Signs

Just make sure the lucky girl’s lucky. No, first times are never the best times ever. But at least try! Here are a few things you just cannot do first time out.

GaaaGaaah! –

What’s the point of doing it if there’s no mountain climb and relax on? It’s all about the ‘clime’ and the ‘axe’, you got it by now. But for the guy going in first time, it’s always going to end up in something which is, well, strange. Quite a few first timers end up with a horrible grunt at the end of it all. And what’s worse, it’s just not proper timing.

“Does it hurt?” –

Quite a common question which many guys end up asking to their first girl. Well, if the girl’s a first timer too, it’s going to hurt. But that’s not going linger on. The whole act of it will feel good for both parties in concern after a while if it’s done right. But dude, just don’t ask. It’s newbie-ish and utterly the worst thing you can say then. Just don’t.

Wrong Whole –

Things are kind of difficult to find in the dark. For the first-timer, hitting the right spot to hit is like finding a pin in a haystack. Well, maybe not that difficult. But it is more like putting a screw in the right, well, crevice while putting on a blind-fold. Experience does automate this process. But there’re cases where desperation led to the same screw in the wrong place. Ouch.

Where is it?!?! –

Following up from this common situation, what if finding the right place to put the screw is where things go awry. Guys, nearly every single guy out there, had a helping hand at one time or another. But that’s understandable. Or is it?

“Am I there yet?” –

So, a guy’s doing the deed with a rubber on. But how can someone know if he’s doing it right if he doesn’t know what’s right in the first place? There are women with an ever so rare experience of doing it but with someone who doesn’t even know whether they’re doing it or not!

Whoops! –

Research says average time period for doing the deed is about 7 minutes. But for the guy going in first time, it’s never 7 minutes. Simply speaking, some things are too good to last. 2 minutes – there’re girls who have this complaint, a first-time thingy lasting just 2 minutes. Wait to go Dude.

“Let’s go Again. Oh Wait!” –

Maiden experiences are awkward, for both the sexes. Sometimes though, first times are not enough and there’s certain inkling to follow up with another session. To explain, what do we do when our phones run low? We give it sometime to charge up. It’s just this simple. But, then again, first times are not the best ones. So wait for it.

All Play and ….–

Stop playing and just get on with it. There’s a whole lifetime to be all lovey-dovey and romantic and cute. Just go ahead and do it!

Without thinking much, just start doing it. But just give that girl a good experience in the meantime. Don’t do these things. Just don’t. Man up!

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