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Para-Athlete Forced into Beggary After Doing India Proud By Bagging Silver Medals, Post Being Ignored by the Indian Authorities

To become an athlete and being able to participate in the Olympics is what keeps all the aspiring sports persons going. But what if there are mere darkness and impecuniosity beyond winning medals and certificates? What if after years of keeping one’s shoulder to the wheels does you no good but instead urges you to go through destitution thereafter instead of guiding you to brighter sides of life?

Kanchanmala Pande along with five more para-athletes who were the competitors at the Para-Swimming Championship in Germany’s Berlin had to undergo extreme austerity when they were forced to borrow and beg money from the streets. Blame the money which got sanctioned from the Indian Government but never actually reached the, thus urging them to take up begging to earn the bread and butter in a foreign land. The barbaric treatment of the athletes, however, did not hold them back from doing what they are famous for. Kanchanmala and Jadhav bagged silver medals in the tournament of Para Swimming Championship.

Facebook/Kanchanmala Pande

We are brought up with inspirational tales and stories of such self-resilient souls who toil and strive with utmost determination and passion for achieving which they dreamt of achieving, we are made tow watch biographies of such Olympic winners who placed aside all their misfortunes to bring pride to their countries; but what for? We never refrain from doling out scathing remarks on athletes that falter in bagging medals and come back empty-handed, but do we really bat an eyelid when the ones who do our country proud, is made to go through penury? How many of us really care enough to stage a protest against the injustice and callousness of the Government in accepting their talents and bring them home with sheer respect?

Kanchanmala Pande Swimming
Facebook/Kanchanmala Pande

Kanchanmala was reported to have model regret and lament over her experience of horrible treatment. She was said to have borrowed an amount of Rs 5 Lakhs, for the tournament, but what followed next, however, is said to have ripped her off her smiles. Now, while the poor athletes are facing the tornado of anxiety and stress, the Sports Authority of India followed by the Paralympic Committee of India remains busy and engaged in playing the blame-game, as usual. They are of the opinion and answer that since they did not receive any money from the SAI, they were unable to extend any help to the athletes, but have pledged to reimburse the money to the athletes as soon as they get the money. But how do so many justifications and explanations come of any help to the ones suffering there in Germany?

Kanchanmala Pande with Silver Medal
Facebook/Kanchanmala Pande

Such ghastly encounters make us rethink if India is actually ready for any other sports than Cricket? We never fail to nag our country or blame it when any of our sportspeople falter in qualifying for the Olympics, then who we turn deaf when such horrific and unapologetic accounts shook the lives of those who dreamt of bringing in fame and light to the country? Why do we go numb instead of protesting such injustice?

With so many souls being awarded embarrassment as against winning medals for the country at the international level, can we expect any other person trying to even dream of competing and taking  India to the next level? It is better we give up on dreams of witnessing India at such respected areas of the world, or we take the real initiative in stopping such calamity from occurring again.

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