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With All Of Dhinchak Pooja’s Videos Getting Wiped Away from You Tube, It is Time We Blot Out More Such Crap and Make the Internet a Better Place

We all have had our share of amusement and ample knowledge on the go, thanks to the Internet, but sadly Internet isn’t always the harbinger of useful elements but is rather rife with noisome videos and articles that are thirsting to make ‘paparazzi hungry’ souls famous. One such similar fame-craving internet sensation named Dhinchakk Pooja was on her glorious path to make few lousy music videos, where she was seen singing yucky lyrics that holds no meaning whatsoever. The fact that her videos were trending was because of her non-melodious songs and her cheeky dress sense.

Days, after she became the internet pop-diva with her sickening music videos, someone named Kathappa Singh, took the initiative to wipe all her videos from the Tou Tube, and have thus won most hearts. The Internet doles out ample scope for people to fetch the limelight, irrespective of how awfully talented they are. With the growing rage of social-media ruling our lives, with the growing desperation of updating all our day-to-day activities on our Facebook and Snapchat walls, it has now become a trend to tag, comment and like almost anything that comes across our walls thus helping untalented souls fetch which they don’t deserve-attention.

Dhinchak Pooja Katappa

What gets absolutely ironic, is that we are the ones who made people like Dhinchakk Pooja famous by watching her videos over and over again by sharing it on our walls with a hateful caption and tagging people in her videos, and we are the same people who go about lampooning her and complaining about her publicly. In the world full of talented souls in every nooks and cranny, who move around in search of a good identity, where artists like Sanjay Leela Bhansali was ostracized by large sections of Indians for having dared to model his creativity through his work – Padmavati, where most painters are shunned as ‘jobless’, where singers with serious talent have to undergo a series of interviews to soak in the warmth of limelight, where dancers are snubbed for as long as they do not shake with cheeky and sleazy item numbers, where acting skills involves ‘good-looks’ and ‘hourglass-body’, it is a shame that dreadful singers like Dhinchak Pooja gets the opportunity to stage her sub standard talent to the world sans much effort.

It isn’t much of a robotic science logic to understand as to why such appalling videos like Dhinchak Pooja’s even gets a nod into the world of hype; it all involves money, both for the one who makes such videos and the one who decides to air it. We might find all such crappy songs totally egregious, but the lady knows where she is heading to. However, after the Samaritan’s job of erasing all the chickenshit videos from You Tube, there is a series of teeming mockery all over Twitter and other social-media pages.

With one chapter of abysmal hype coming to an end, it has now become important to wipe out more such rotten contents from internet to make way for something watch-worthy, besides letting people like Dhinchakk Pooja know of our obnoxious reaction to lousy things, and also making such people aware that the world isn’t liable to accept hellacious content, no matter what. Whoever brims with audaciousness to channel out loathly content, must be geared up to get it washed away, and shunned from the world with disgust.

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