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The First Muslim-Gay Marriage Takes Place in Britain, Spreads the Message of Hope to All Homosexuals Out There

The world isn’t always lousy with delinquency or re probation, and gay-Muslim couples tying the knot is what makes us say so. Just when we had begun sinking in gloom and grins over homosexuals not being validated with respect or shunned from various sections of the society as a grave injustice to their identity, comes a gleeful news of a 24-year-old Muslim gay- Jahed Chowdhury finding peace in marrying his 19-year-old boyfriend named Sean Rogan.

First Gay Muslim Marriage

In an attempt to preach about the power of love, and that Muslims too can be gays, the duo got married in a low-key ceremony at Britain’s Walsall in a glorious traditional Muslim wedding outfit. Jahed was reported to have been snubbed from the Muslim community due to his identity as gay. Cut dead, Jahed was even forced sent on a holy pilgrimage to change his sexual orientation. But then, just as love has its ways of tending you to cure, Jahed was finally able to confide upon Sean Rogan at Darlaston, post two years of beyond the plate bullies. It was two years from that incident, that Jahed, the first Muslim man from Britain, fixated his mind on the decision to tie the knot with the one he found his other part of the heart in-Mr, Rolan.

Gay Muslim Marriages

But just like an unseemly twist to every of the love story, the duo since their marriage, have been on the threshold of receiving numerous death threats from all parts of the world, for having committed a ‘sin’. Our desperate sense of exhorting, to dole out trenchant remarks on people and all things related to them, is perhaps the only thing that holds us back from progressing further; the only thing that keeps us back from nurturing positive thoughts. How does Jahed and Rolan’s decision of living lives together with blithe and joy affect us anyhow? Why are we always prone to virulent attacks on homosexuals? What triggers our angst to the extent, that we go on and hurl blistering remarks on their looks?


Is it the same-sex stereotyping that is infamously propagated by Bollywood? The irked sexual predator, the comic relief, or the ‘butt’ jokes shown in films, scripted by stand-up comedians to a hall full of audience crack up are probably what has fed us with the delusionary concepts of gays homosexuals. But little did we know the ignorance they go through in the society, the grin they face, the several numbers of times they are forced into sexual relationships with a gun on their hand, the numerous times they deal with torture and yet they all get unnoticed because of the way we view them. It is about time to stop lampooning them for their choice of attire, the way they talk, dress up gay to give a humorous spin to a film, stop considering them ‘frustrated sexual predators’ and stop bothering them for whatsoever reason, for the sole reason- that they are human beings more than anything and are worthy of all respect and love, not just Mr. Rolan and Jahed but all the homosexuals around the world, who choose to live happily.

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