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Pitbull left to suffer in an abandoned house, shot when he tries to escape

Pitbull left to suffer in an abandoned house

With so much cringing stories of animal cruelty hitting our social media news feed daily, it is time to re-think if animals seriously deserve this? That Pitbulls are often associated with danger and fiendish, is often ranted about by posh dog –owners, but did we care to think what makes them a beast? What possibly triggers an animal to get brutish? It is possibly the treatment that humans beings often dole them out with; the ignorance, lack of food and what shocked the internet recently was the news of a Pitbull being shot when he tried to escape from the windows of an abandoned house, where he was left to suffer sans food and water.

Cold, hungry, the poor Pitbull was reported to have chewed through house doors, with a view to taste freedom, from the makeshift prison that he ended up staying in. Left to die, the Pitbull alike any warrior didn’t give in to eschew but rather tried breaking the windows to free himself but right when he was about to witness some unrestrained freedom, he was shot by his landlord. And, it gets us cold feet to even imagine the plight he underwent post being shot. A normal dog would have easily given to death, but this little superhero survived the bullets and found himself at the ER hospital where was tended to recovery, and then just as fate had it, instead of suffering more such atrocities in life, he was merrily adopted by a God-send foster family who was willing to adopt him as their family.

It even wince us with embarrassment to think that we believe to the human race, post the barbaric crimes we have been holding out for these innocent four-legged species. Dogs forever known for their loyalty and obedience is now a thing of trash to most. Imagine the love they overflow us with, over a leftover loaf of bread, or the gleaming and wagging tails they come greeting us with, when we reach home or even the sleep they jeopardize on at nights, to defend our homes from burglary; and the reward we gift them with is death, burning them alive for food, shooting them when we fail to accommodate them in our new flats, tying them up for reason, caging them when they wish to move around freely with the fear that they might stain out bed-sheet with their mud-stained paws, box them for sale and chopping their paws and ears for mere fun and mockery.

How do we become heartless so as to inflict so much torture sans giving a thought to it? What gives us so much fun to see them suffer, howl and bleed? What ingrains us with so much peace so as to shoot them down when they try and move out of the dark dungeons? The fact they can’t speak up and voice their opinions, the fact that they don’t have a soul who would stir some protests and activism or take to the streets with placards screaming attention and justice is what keeps us going with the heinous crimes on them, and doesn’t tremble us a bit to inflict pain on them.

After having undergone hellish crimes all this while, we just hope the pitbull fights back to life and lives the life of normalcy and happiness, forgetting her awful past.

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