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Shunned From Everywhere for Years, Transgender Joyita Finally Bags a Recognition for Her Hard-Work and Talent, Gets Appointed as the Judge at National Lok Adalat

Transgender Joyita Mondal

Negativity is ubiquitous by nature and has by far stormed all the nooks and crannies of the world, with its malefic wings. In a country rife with scathing remarks on almost anything and everything that comes across the internet, to be able to rise and shine being a transgender is ‘fairy tale dream’ come true. To hope and to dream even with the burdened heap of mockery and scorn was a superhero power for Joyita Mondol, a transgender. After years of being ridiculed for her identity as a transgender, and forced to sleep in the bus stands for several years followed by several denials of being letting in to hotels, Joyita is now breathing sighs of relief, post being recognized by her hard work and talent, and been appointed as a respected Judge at National Lok Adalat.

With pride parades hitting the streets of London and other parts of UK, with gay couples Fernando and Greg’ images going viral amidst the parade, with so many talks and debates over the decisions to accept human beings as they are; there still exists a large sections of society who look down upon as homosexuals and transgender as nothing short of ‘crime doers’. A similar regressive society Islampur in the state of West Bengal inflicted unimaginable ‘mental-torture’ on Joyita since the year of 2010; from refusing her shelter, food, employment to denying her entry into any hotels, Joyita have seen it all. But instead of giving into hardships and bias, she strives to emerge as her own superhero and guide others, in the same journey, to the brighter side of life.

What we feed on is hope for survival; hopes of being validated as a respected human being irrespective of how we are crafted by God. Joyita had similar dreams and hopes of being accepted for want she is, but little did she comprehended that the world is still to learn acceptance. But what kept her moving and kept her alive was her determination to prove her worth.

In spite of so much advancement and booming modernization hitting all parts of the world; what saddens us to the brim is the fact that we falter at the basics and hold ourselves back from doling out altruism at things and people that all have shunned, for the fear of being outcast.

What irks us so much to love all alike? What possibly trigger us to treat transgender like they are the most abominable creatures on Earth? Why do we teach our children to stay away from them as if they are capable of casting ‘black magic’ over us? What urges us to throw dirty jokes on them, treat them ill with cuss words, sniff and smirk at them, curse them, hold them responsible for bringing in ill omen? Did we care enough to empathize with the trauma that they go through? The battle they fight to live up to the society’s norms? The fear they deal with; fear of being thrown out, fear of being forced into prostitution and fear of being denied as ‘human beings’ all together?

Let us be a little more benevolent, a little gentler and little more compassionate towards these suffering souls that move around listlessly in search of a proper validation. Let us tend such souls whenever we come across any, instead of pressing the car windows up in disgust and angst. They deserve to live, to be loved and to be respected, as human beings with a soul designed by God, if nothing else.

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