The entire world holds its breath as Game of Thrones season 7 is upon us

Game of Thrones

It is a well- known fact that Game of Thrones is one of the most popular televisions serial which has ever been produced. IT has a large audience and its fan clubs are located all across the globe. The story telling potential of the story has been able to get the attention of people from all walks of life to an extent which has never been seen before. The last six seasons each of which was ten episodes long were a huge success. Now it time to get on with the Game of Thrones season 7. The much-anticipated show airs on 16th July and is one of the most awaited events of the entire year.


At the finale of the previous season, there was a major plot twist regarding the parents of one of the main characters of the show, Jon Snow. This had left the fans shocked and the further twists and turns which one might expect from the coming season have been a source of several theories and counter theories and speculations. The fans had to wait patiently for almost more than a year and the wait is almost over now.


One might be disappointed by the fact that this upcoming season is going to be really short. The upcoming season is going to have only seven episodes which are very short as compared to the previous seasons which had ten episodes each. Though HBO did not provide an official statement it is expected that this season or the next season which is season 8 is going to be the last season of this famed television series.


The fans might be excited by the fact that the entire cast of season six who were the favorites of the fans will assemble again in season seven. Also, there are certain other surprises in store for the fans. There is a rumor that a certain pop megastar has been cast into the season seven of the game of thrones. The star is expected to feature in the upcoming season in an undisclosed cameo role but who that star might be is still a suspense.


There have also been various speculations regarding the story line. Rumors have it that there is a great possibility that one of the main characters of the series, Queen Cersei Lannister would team up with Euron Greyjoy of the iron islands in order to fight their common enemies.  Also, it is certain that Euronn would engage in a large battle against his nephew and niece Theon and Yara Greyjoy as vengeance for betraying him and would end up capturing one or both of them. Gendry, one of the popular characters of the series is likely to make his comeback as the bastard son of great King Robert was last seen in the previous seasons rowing in a small boat away from Dragonstone. Also, it is apparent that in the next season Jon Snow and Daenerys are finally going to meet at Westeros.

This it is definitely going to be an action packed thrilling season which will be a super hit amongst the fans. The entire world is holding its breath and waiting for the season to start. IT is going to be an epic journey for the fans and critics alike.

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