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Rugby Player Proposes to his Boyfriend amidst the Pride Parade in London, Writes Their Own Fairy tale

Rugby Player Proposes to his Boyfriend
Source: Youtube

Love knows no religion, caste, color or gender. Love is gift, which befalls on a selected few, and to some it parallels to seeing God himself. To whoever coined the saying ‘love is power’ deserves a salute, for it was time and again proved that way through various occasions and people across the world. Homosexuality till the ancient days was hushed away as something ‘disgusting’ and ‘uncanny’, until with the advancement and modernization, it is now being sensationalized as something ‘absolutely normal’.

London is one of those proud countries which celebrates the beauty of homosexuality every year with huge pomp and blithe in its largest pride parade. The country’s celebration on the most misunderstood and shunned gender-homosexuality is a way of let believing the crowd that they are human beings as well, and deserves to live as colorfully as the rainbow, besides bringing the cheery and proud ‘homosexual’ couples out from the disdained walls and ignorance. In the same pride where thousands flocked into for the sake of joining the celebration, Fernando was also part of this festive mood along with Kings Cross Steelers RFC, the first gay rugby club in the world which was founded back in the year of 1995. Amidst the sheer joys and hullabaloo, Fernando was seen to walk up gleefully to his boyfriend in the crowd where he was telecasted to have sat on his knees before proposing.


Upon his heartwarming gesture of love, the crowd instantaneously took to cheering them up with went totally crazy. Love was in air, when Greg Woodford, Fernando’s boyfriend experienced the whole of it with mushy eyes and unbound happiness. The phrase says “If you love someone truly, the whole universe conspires to bring you both together’, and the exact same thing happened for this cheery gay-duo for whom losing heart to the ones of the same gender was part of love and choice. As the viral images of the couple passionately kissing each other goes viral all across the internet, what spurs thoughts is the fact that while many homosexuals are still being looked down upon as mere ‘sin doers’, many are outcast from the society and is made to live like a junk.

We all grew up learning that human-beings must be respected irrespective of what caste, color, gender and choices they make. Then how has it become so hard to accept them as normal humans, who choose to love beyond the stereotypical concepts. What possibly turned us this monstrous so as to pound and attack people who differ on choices and opinions? Nothing, except the audaciousness of daring to step out of the limits and rant things over social media pages: something that we would think twice before speaking in person. The fact that we are not happy in our own small world, is what makes us throw scathing remarks on people who choose to live differently, the reason that we didn’t have the courage to stand up and speak alone, or act differently, makes us go berserk when people like Fernando and Greg choose to live happily ever after.

Wish we could all cry tears of joy over such happy couples, irrespective of what sexuality they choose. Wish the entire world rejoiced to the tunes of love instead of barring them with restrictions and wish we could all be a little more positive to things that differ from our opinions and ideologies.

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