Insanely-Amazing New and Unique Ways to Express Your Love For The One You Lost your Heart To

express Your Love
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Be it your wife of 10 years or girlfriend of6 months; expressing love and gratitude can never run behind time. Love is that potion that remains ever-so-young and simply denies rawling back into getting old or typecast. Keep your love story new and alive with these trendy and quirky ways of expression. Make your partner feel wanted and loved in a special way because they deserve it.

An Awesome Post

an awesome post to express your love

If you are both into social media, use it to say the three magical words, but in a different way. Post something funny or cool on her/his wall, while you both are miles apart from each other.

Make his favorite dessert

Favorite Dessert to express your love
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Is he to much into Pinterest? Then how about noting down his favorite dessert from his pin boards and attempting to make it one day?

A whimsical selfie

whimsical selfie
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Jaded with the same old memories, then get on to something quirky. Click a funny selfie with weird expressions and get it shared on the internet. You can have a good laugh over the pouring comments.

A love note

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Love notes do wonder. Stick one to his lunch box and be bombarded with surprising expressions from him, when he sees to it in office.

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