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With Nawazuddin Siddiqui Calling Out Racism in His Recent Tweet, It is time We Put An End To This Game Permanently

Source Nazazuddin Twitter

Just when we sank our heads into believing that racism doesn’t end in a brown-skinned country of India, famous Bollywood actor Nawazuddiin Siddique’s recent tweet where he hinted about his ‘brown skin’ tone and ‘unattractive’ looks came as a shocking revelation from someone who in his earlier statement had confirmed that we are fed with the wrong conception that the industry practices racism, when in actual case it is not, but people in the tinsel town is rather judged based on their talent.

But while most of us would shun racism to the mere act of ‘cheapness, it is still practiced with huge uproar throughout the industry and the world beyond it. The industry has time and again served us actors are owners of milky-white complexion. Irony manages to have a good laugh in India, where people worship the dark-skin toned Goddess as their ultimate power source but rule out shallow complexioned women from matrimonial requests. It is strange how a country like India, where almost all of are birthed as brown-skin owners, associate ‘lighter complexion’ with better intellectuality and ‘knowledge’, good looks and best personality. Racism can never be justified and must be banned from all parts especially in the film industry, where the actors and actresses are known to set out serious beauty goals for the common people outside.

For an extremely talented Nawazuddin Siddique who is now putting his talent into the global foray, and whose unimaginable acting skill have left everybody awestruck, whose films are an all time hit for the audience who looks beyond his charisma, who is ever-so-famous for his negative and dark roles, this is type of ostracization for being dark skinned is not only a shame on our part, but is a terrible failure from his countrymen.

Thanks to Bollywood, we now have a different perspective on beauty; which includes eight pack abs, skinny thighs, fact-less belly, poker straight hair, artificial womanly assets, painted eyes and lips, skimp ish dress sense, hairless men, manicured nails and so on and so on forth, which have now forced us to form a distorted meaning to beauty and grace. While in ancient days, men were expected to be robust and sturdy, nowadays it’s more about having a talcum-skin tone with red painted lips and gelled hairdos that deny getting messed post getting swayed with the heavy flow of wind. No matter how dark skinned you are, you must go through several make-up asbestos before getting shot in the films as supposedly, ‘actors’ are meant to be flawless and possess some delicately-divine features.

In a country, where every day thousands of woman getting stigmatized for not matching up to the beauty standards of the society, where both the genders are generalized as ‘ugly’ and ‘sub-standard’ if they do not have a white-complexion, where women are judged by their skin tone for matrimonial purposes, where commercials have time and again made us feel low about holding dark-skins and how they are shunned from workplaces for the same reason, where a skin tone is associated with confidence and where women are always in dire need of fairness creams and lotions; is it necessary for the actors and celebs to promote fairness brands? Isn’t it time we put an end to this racism crap and start judging a person beyond their looks? Isn’t it required that directors should now start making films sans putting layers of makeup on them?

It is the time we give a thought on the amount of racism being doled out on a regular basis, stop and make people aware that skin-tone is just a word and mustn’t be anyhow taken seriously, that not only Nawazuddin Siddique but we should all begin protesting against all those who make scathing remarks on dark-skinned souls.