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Malaika Arora Khan Takes on A Troll That disgraced Her For Using ‘Ex-Husband’s Money’ For Enjoyment and Luxuriousness, With a Single Bold Retort

Malaika Arora Khan

We aren’t new to the dark side of the internet; with the scathing remarks one is hurled with upon posting her own opinions or suggestions about life on a digital media wall, about the sleazy and sexist jokes on women, unforgivable body shames on actors, character assassination of people who sit on thrones of success and more. But one thing that faltered to evolve along with the advancement of technology and science is our mindset and our take on ‘single women’ who enjoy the peaks of success.

Single women have forever been the victim of derogatory comments and had always been under the scanner for coming home late, wearing loud makeup, stepping out after 8, assisting male boss, staying all by herself in an apartment, or even bagging promotion amidst hundreds other employees. Singlehood has somehow been a curse worldwide, and have always put them into brink points of embarrassment. God forbid, if you hit the late 40’s and call it a split with your husband, and have children in line, you are sure to face a tornado of comments that are good to rip you off your image and character, good vibes and positivity.

Something similar happened to Bollywood actor Malaika Arora Khan who was put under slanderous comments in Instagram.

The user named @feelgoodfabric posted:

“This what these shit women do these days. Marry a rich guy then divorce him for rich alumni. Why do you need alumni when you are capable of earning…I respect the ppl, not the gender.

Her life is all about wearing short clothes, going to gym or salon, enjoying the vacation. Do you seriously have any work or…feeding yourself on husband’s money?

And if that was not enough, the troll further continued:

Feelgoodfabric: “The world is an alimony.’

The life of a celebrity is open for judgement and is done so on a regular basis: how they eat, where they eat, the names of babies that they choose and why Taimur and nor Ram, why date Katrina and not Deepika, why wear a bikini by the beach and not something modest, why wear makeup, why dance around in pubs with glass in hands…for one millisecond, why can’t we stop putting them under grinders? What makes us so desperate to judge, access, analyze and stigmatize their appearance, their body, their face, their life, their love, their relationships, their honeymoon destinations, marriage venues, their body assets? Why can’t we leave them alone for a change? Let them breathe peace and privacy?

Malaika’s life isn’t ours to judge or put up under the limelight, and doing so, we just place our dark side to the world: the side that’s in constant mission to rile somebody up for no good, the side that cannot breathe down peace on someone’s success story, the side that fails to see the good side of life, the side that boils in agony when it sees somebody smiling.

But just when we thought Malaika would give in to those hurtful words, she rose like a warrior queen and fight back line what we would call as ‘a true spirited woman’. In reply to such rude and spiteful comments, she replied:

I do not indulge in such conversations as they are below my dignity but I just had to @feelgoodfabric coz you certainly got to get your dn facts right before spewing shit and slagging me off when you know nothing about me except sit and pass judgments on other on other people’s life. I audit suggest you find something to do with your time, as you seriously have got nothing better to do in life.”


The single troll was not a face palm on the rude person but also a lesson to all those who have nothing better in life than to spew venom and hatred for each other. We pray for more such women to stand back for their dignity and justice, instead of sitting back and gulping down whatever comes their way.

More power to you Malaika Arora Khan!

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