7 Unique Topics You Can Talk About on Your First Date

Your First Date

Dating is amazingly fun as long as you don’t shy away from conversations. Meeting new people is as thrilling as it sounds, but can get totally weird and embarrassing if you don’t know where to begin and what to talk. Not only introverts and shy souls, but there are people who fumble all the way when meeting the person on a date. But no need to hit the lows, we are all human beings and can always have such jitters initially, when meeting and dating. Here are few ways, to battle out your jitters and start a conversation.

Well, before you both have settled down, post the brief introductions, it is always a sign of good personality to start asking some good questions. But never go on and on with it, you might want to allow him to throw questions on you, as well.  So, here are some out-of the –ordinary questions that you can begin with:

Who had the biggest impact on you while you were growing up?


This is one of the great questions that won’t make him think much. The fact that you wish to know who played a major role in his life, might melt down his heart for good.



Hobbies play a good role in shaping one’s character. Let her speak about the hobbies that she has taken up as an adult; the things that keep her engaged, things that make her happy and things which help her to de-stress.

Things that make him laugh


What makes him laugh is a quite of an important and a sweet question to ask. Understand what touched his soul besides the usual things like music and a good hang out. Each person laughs at different things and emotions, and it is fun to know what is it that makes him flash a smile.

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