Keep that Spark Alive in Your Love Story even After 10 Years Of Marriage With These Few Easy Steps

Secrets of Love Story
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That love stays ever-so-sparkly and glittery even after s decade of marriage has been in the talks and debates. The tiny little gestures that keeps the mahic alive, are the same gestures that tends to get annoying at the end. What we do on the initial days of marriage out of love; say for example the the pecks on cheek before leaving for work, or the quick making out sessions in the kitchen when guests have filled your room for the sake of thrill, going out for random movie and coffee dates with you both used to back in the high school days, gets transformed into mere duties with the passing. However, most couples complain of love-less marriage days only after becoming parents, when they run out of time, to make love pr communicate well, and that is when the real challenge begins.

But stop fretting and whining, love is all about putting in ample efforts to keep it alive and burning. Here are few simple steps to keep the love-story intact, like it was, when you two met and loved like there is no tomorrow.

Dole out Love

To be loving towards each other is the first rule to keep the love perfect. Lean on to him, and peck on his cheek, greeting him ‘good morning’. The day can no way go wrong after that.

Express your Gratitude

Don’t leave out any reason to thank each other. Thank her for doing your laundry, thank him for changing diapers, thank her for cooking meals and looking after the house each day, thank him returning home soon. Gratitude can never go out of style.

Be a good listener

Listen in to each other. Let him speak post the hectic day, let her speak of the neighborhood, of the leftover food, the whining kids, listen to his blabber. At the end, all we want is to confide on somebody where we can pour our heart to, where we do not have to filter every words.

Be each other’s strength and not weakness

There are good days and there are bad days as well. He might have rough days on work and might come home shouting at you for no reason, but that no way means you have to do the same. Keep quiet and listen in. He would calm down after a while, and realize his mistake soon.

Do not compare

Just because your day was bad, doesn’t mean his day was easy as ABC. So, instead of drawing comparisons, why not imagine in each other’s shoes and re-think the battle you both fight equally.

Praise her often

Woman craves to be praised, and what better way to pamper her than doing so on every single occasion. Laud her for the new dress she picks to wear or have ordered. Hold out appreciations for the new curves she have developed instead of holding her back from snacking and binging often.

Squeeze out time

The least you can do for each other is to give out your precious time. Time is more precious than the jewelry you might want to gift her, or the post travel destination. Make out time, even when you are super-busy, make each other feel they are wanted and are not taken for granted.

With little garnishing of respect, love, mutual understanding and patience, it is easy to keep the fairytale romance alive. Keeping marriage going might seem tedious at first, but is not, if you follow these simple tips.

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