The boy drops food in the metro, cleans it instantly, sends out serious ‘citizen goals’

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It is the small little acts of altruism and kindness, that brings about the biggest change in the society. At a time, when Prime Minister Narendra Modi is all up on his toes to build a ‘cleaner India’ and has launched various campaigns of Swach Bharat Abhiyaan, to work towards his dream of keeping India dirt free, comes a small initiative by a young guy named Pranjal Dubey, in Jaipur Metro service. The boy was commuting through the metro when he accidentally happened to spill his tiffin while trying to pull out his water bottle, but he didn’t spend a single second in getting down to clean it thereafter.

Sunil Chowdhury, the man sitting beside the boy had just begun thinking of the consequences of the spilled food in the metro, of the mess that is likely to stay for the day, when Pranjal got to clean it. Sunila couldn’t help but share it, only to get a viral response from people all over the country.

Pranjal’s wholeheartedness in willingly cleaning the mess, publicly got all of us thinking of several such daily-life instances where people spit at walls, urinate by the streets, stain the nicely drawn walls with betel-juices, throw packets and plastics at random places, dump garbage on roads. What possibly holds them back from taking an initiative to promote cleanliness? How much time does it really take to find a garbage bin? What possibly urges us to mess the cinema halls, malls, and streets? Do we do the same in our house?

We have fellow countrymen praising and lauding foreign places for their staunch cleanliness policies, but thereafter stops the car and aims urine at the walls. There are those who complain about tourist spots being messed-up but the same bunch of people who wouldn’t mind throwing packets from the moving car.

We are so much after protesting and marching with little candles, screaming patriotism on a change is to be initiated, ramble on and about changing the way we look at our country, but how many of us really stop by a chip packet on the road, and care enough to throw it into the nearest bin? How many of us take the efforts in sensationalizing the topic amidst those who remain totally oblivious to it? How many of us really spoke up when we witnessed people messing up the pavements?

We become able to force change when we are united, and the day we start believing in doing our bit as part of patriotism instead of exhibiting it solely on Independence day, will be the beginning of something good, something better. We need to extend our outlook to change, and start contributing the little we have, in order to hold out a better society for our next generation.

Pranjal’s mind-blowing gesture as a true Indian citizen has sparked loads of positivity in many, which is not only praisable but is inspirational as well. That he could reinstate the fact, that to bring about a better world, you need not always have caskets for trinkets or cash; all you really need is some good, a big heart and the urge to do it. Thanks for showing us a way to craft a world of our dreams, Primal. Shine and keep up with the good work, good lad!

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