Woman Calls Off Wedding Worth $30,000, Goes and Treats the Homeless Thereafter, Giving them the Moments of Their Life

Sarah Cummins Wedding

Marriage is that construct which overwhelms all logic. Be it for the subdued pressure of the society whose perfect definition of marriage includes tying the knot at an extravagant foreign location, invite over a thousand, serve authentic cuisines from across the world, sporting jewelry worth millions of bucks, etc, or for the sake of living a fairytale dream: marriage is that thought out affair which urges a lot of planning.

People around the world have one thing in common: they hope for a luxurious and a swoon-worthy marriage that can set examples for the upcoming generation. However, if we all look closely, marriage is nothing but an approval from the society on your decision to stay with the partner that you’ve chosen, a gross display of wealth and a mere show-off which by all means can be skipped, given oodles of money and energy it requires, considering the unimaginable amount of homeless, hungry and poor people that we live with, in this country, who cannot even manage for two meals at a day, let marriage be a far-fetched dream.

However, Sarah Cummins alike most girls of her age had been saving ample since long, for a grand wedding of $30,000, by working extra, taking up double shifts, and so on and so forth, only to have it canceled at the last moment. Though it has hit her, and she did get crestfallen initially for having to call the wedding off at the last moment, post sob much efforts and lifelong saving, she didn’t decide to turn back and go home but instead did what the world couldn’t believe, or we can never even think of doing, in such a state of mind.

With a non-refundable 170 plates of dinner, that she ordered for her guest, Sarah decided to distribute it to the homeless, and after contacting various local slums and shelter, she did arrange for a conveyance that would go to those respected areas and pick them up and bring them for a royal wedding dinner. Sarah totally broke down for having to cancel the wedding, like most of us would have got, but that didn’t stop her from thinking like an angel. She aimed to gift a good memorable day to the ones that deserve it, but have been failed by destiny. The menu ranged from goat cheese to roasted chicken with artichokes, bourbon glazed meatballs to roasted garlic bruschetta to Chardonnay cream sauce; sufficient to win the hearts who expected the least and live lives in tears not hope.

Irony plays mischief at times: at one hand it ripped Sarah off from her happiness and dream, and on one hand, it treated the homeless good by serving them with plates filled with euphoria. Sarah’s great-mindedness and her altruism is proof that good souls exist and that they don’t spare time in doling out their kindness for people, that they don’t hesitate in doing good for people, that they don’t forget what they were birthed for, they find a scope in extending support, as much as they can.