Ha…ha…ha…Apple is in news! Not the Newton’s one, it’s Jobs’ at hand for the 11th time!

Apple announces iOS 11
The tech giant’s CEO, Tim Cook, took to the stage on WWDC 2017 and announced the iOS 11. It is that time of the year when Apple comes out with all its tech updates

The tech giant’s CEO, Tim Cook, took to the stage on WWDC 2017 and announced the iOS 11. It is that time of the year when Apple comes out with all its tech updates, and new gadgets and hence, 2017 is no different. While we still have to wait on an iPhone 8, the upgrade to the operating system is here. It’s probably going to hit millions of Apple phones and tabs by September and promises to make every gadget “laptop-like”.

Cook was quite persistent on this point. He stated that all iPads with iOS 11 would improve on its functionality with a host of new user interfaces. But how does Apple plan to do all this? Well, you don’t have to wait till September to find out. Here is a list of the totally new features that iOS 11 is bringing along.

SIRI gets a new dress

An upgrade – speaking technically. You will hear her talking in a new voice (more human-like), and has learned a few more languages. Also, Apple claims that she is smarter now while giving you suggestions. Plus, SIRI also receives improvement on her on-device learning which will depend on your App usage that is kept private.

New D’s for you

Better drag and drop interfaces along with improved “Dock.” Going by Cook’s words, the focus is iPad, so you get a customizable docking feature with iOS 11. Your favorites will intelligently come in front. Also, you can make quick shifts between your files and media with the new drag-and-drop.

Indoor Maps

As if the outdoor ones weren’t enough! But Apple understands that you can get lost inside a shopping mall or an airport; so iOS 11 is bringing indoor maps to these areas. Layouts of cities like Hong Kong, Chicago, New York, London, Washington DC, Boston and many more will be available.

Easy money transfer

With Apple Pay allowing person-to-person transfer, Apple describes it to be as easy as sending someone a text. iOS 11 will come with Apple Pay Cash Card where you can stack your funds and later transfer it to your personal account.

New File Organizer

Again an iPad focused upgrade! Leaked reports claim that the tech giant is bringing back its old file-view system. You will get the old-school feel while scanning through your files stored in OneDrive or DropBox. A new tab showing recently opened files will also be there.

Upgraded Control Center

Apple will now let you customize your control center as well. iOS will have Voice controlled Memos and 3D control features as new inclusions. Also, every smart gadget carrying this OS will have QuickType Keyboard. Features?Better one-handed operation.

Lane Guidance

And your phone will keep a check on your safety while driving as well. Apple claims new additions in its maps like speed limit check, lane guidance alerts and DND features. You will receive urgent calls only and text notifications will go silent.


New look to App Store, renewed camera specs with added tricks and sync to your home theater and other audio systems – iOS 11 will have all. Indeed, Apple has gone the distance to remove every possible glitch. Wait for it to hit the market.

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