Imagination is the limit – 2 Tech Gadgets in 2017 even Money cannot buy! Or can it?

A few years ago, let’s say10, we’d have been happy just to have a mobile phone. Now, there are more people around you going for the latest upcoming smartphone or laptop or one gadget or the other. You need the latest next gadget, you want it and you want it right now.

But there’s a storm coming, a storm of tech heading your way and fast. Let’s take the Samsung Gear range for an instance. It’s one of the most popular series of wearable tech gadgets around. But it’s just a part of the total high-tech gadget industry. And, as per CCS Insight, the wearable tech section alone account for more than $30 billion by 2020. And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Your imagination is the Limit!

This was never truer. The motive of technology nowadays is much much more than just utility. It’s about top-end experience from the entertainment and luxury point of view. Every leading manufacturer wants to be the next trend setter, the next benchmark, that next end-game.

Pushing the boundaries is what technology means now. Imagination and Idealization,are the end-game. The gadgets which you’ll see up next are the end game of it all. And these are not dreamy prototypes; these are what money can buy or at least will be able to buy quite soon.

  1. A Wallpaper TV–

What if your TV stops being a TV and starts being just a screen? Well at 2.75mm thin, LG has done the impossible, or at least, what you thought is impossible. This W series of TVs from the South Koreans are breath-taking.

It looks like a just a screen on the wall, a mirror even (Multi-Functionality, Pun Intended). LG labels this OLED ‘screen’ perfectly as a ‘picture on wall.’ It’s disappointingly thicker than a piece of paper, Disappointingly. And it is breath-taking. (Worth a repetition)

There’s even a 77-inch (Read it again! Seventy-Seven Inches, More than 6 Feet!)one. Picture quality is the best gradation the industry has come up with so far. It’s got a magnetic mounting strip and a smart Soundbar which, worth mentioning, is just as, well, you know it by now.

Oh, and if you think that it’s too much for you to buy well, it sadly is at around $8000. But that’s just what the G6 cost on launch. So, dream this dream TV up on your wall sometime soon!

  1. Reality as Real as it can be on a Smartphone–

The term’s Augmented Reality to be precise. It’s just implementing or rather superimposing computer generated demo functions into reality, not much. Not much? Think Iron Man. Think Tony Stark and Jarvis. THAT’s Augmented-Reality (AR) for you. And now, ASUS somehow ends up integrating quite a few AR functions in a smartphone.

The ASUS Zenfone AR is nothing like anything. Open its camera, flip over to AR functions and it’ll map the surroundings. Thinking about moving the sofa around but not sure how it’ll look? Demo the sofa, move it around – this is AR. And you can buy this thingy.

Yeah, you need quite a bit of money. But think of it this way. Maybe, we’re closer to holograms, foldable smartphones or even human-like robots than you think. 10 more years later, you won’t even remember whatever you’ve read here. The Future’s here.

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